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Cosmos Art Ceramics

Set of 2 Pipes (Triangle + Half Circle)

Set of 2 Pipes (Triangle + Half Circle)

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Set of 2 pipes





Handmade small geometric pipes. These ceramic mini pipes have a cute triangle and semicircle design (Set of 2 pipes)

✓ Smoking pipes made with 100% eco-friendly natural material
Our unique pipes are handmade, they are reliable and durable
✓ Ceramic pipes cool smoke better than glass or wooden pipes
This is a great gift for a stoner! Surprise your friends with an unusual gift
✓ Easy to carry. Perfect pocket size 2,5” x 1,5”

Please note that due to the handmade of this process, color, size and shape may vary slightly.

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Benefits Our Ceramic Pipes

Uniqueness in Design

What sets Cosmos Art Ceramics apart is its dedication to uniqueness. Each ceramic pipe is handcrafted with precision, ensuring that no two pieces are identical. This adds a special touch to the smoking experience.

The Significance of Quality

Quality is at the heart of Cosmos Art Ceramics. These pipes are not just pretty; they are durable and functional. They undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure the best smoking experience for customers.

The Aesthetic Charm of Girly Pipes

For those who appreciate a touch of femininity, Cosmos Art Ceramics offers a range of girly pipes. These pipes come in cute designs that appeal to individuals who appreciate aesthetics.

Better Than Wood or Glass Pipes

Ceramic pipes have unique benefits, including temperature resistance, making them an excellent choice for an enjoyable smoking experience.

Durability of Cosmos Art Ceramics

Our ceramic pipes are known for their durability. They are built to withstand regular use, making them a worthwhile investment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Love the clean design. 🔥

Soooo cute definitely get it! Literally the day I got it I dropped it on the floor because I’m the most clumsy mf ever it was perfectly fine and I’ve dropped it many times after and it’s still kickin

Cutest, most durable pipe out there!

This pipe was soooo incredibly cute and perfect for my tiny hands!! Everyone i show it to says it’s so adorable, i love it so much and use it to smoke rose petals & lavender !!!

So cute!!

the perfect gift for that Pusheen fan!

Hits well

Absolutely the cutest pipe ever!! The pegs on the bottom make it so it doesn't roll around when you set it down which was an awesome touch. Plus, the ceramic & glaze is very high quality and it looks exactly like the pictures. Very happy with my purchase! 😊

Best handmade pipes

Gave as a gift and was super excited. Works great too

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