Smoking Accessories for a Beginner Stoner

Smoking Tools
Smoke shop stock all the marijuana supplies you could ever need, including vaporizers, rolling papers, cleaning solutions, storage containers, and glass pipes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. We can also order smoking accessories and vaping tools online, because it is legal to ship them across state lines.
There are dozens and dozens of options, each with its own style, so it's easy to find one that fits your look and lifestyle.

Smoking Tools

Stoner Set by Mee Mee

• LIGHTER. Get a disposable full-sized lighter. Don't use a reusable lighter-it will affect the taste negatively. Matches are fine, but may affect flavor.
• GRINDER. Get a small manual coffee grinder-type device that breaks up marijuana buds into a coarsely ground shake that is rolled into papers for joints or packed into bowls to smoke. You can break up buds with your fingers, but they will leave a sticky residue on your hands that is difficult to wash off.
• STASH JAR. Your marijuana flower is best stored in an airtight ceramic jar. The jar will continue curing the flowers for several months until you are ready to smoke them, which results in a better smoke and flavor. The buds will dry out if you leave them in the plastic packaging or in a container that is not airtight. Keep each strain in its own jar. Do not smoke seeds, stems, or leaves. Properly stored, flowers will continue to cure and stay fresh for months, or even years.
• PIPE. The most popular way to smoke marijuana is with a pipe, and ceramic is the best pipe material. The more expensive pipes are handmade from ceramic, and the cheaper pipes are handblown from glass .
Each pipe has a different-sized bowl, where we lightly pack the coarsely ground flower.
Choose a larger bowl for sharing with friends, and a smaller bowl like a chillum or one-hitter for medicating by yourself.
• ROLLING PAPERS. You can buy pre-rolled joints at the dispensary, or you can roll your own. "Empty cones" are rolling papers already rolled around a paper filter. Simply stuff the cone with shake and smoke. All rolling papers are basically the same, so choose the size you prefer. Flavored papers are also an option. They are akin to flavored coffee.
• BONG. Bongs are simply water pipes, and they come in a variety of sizes. Save the larger ones for social gatherings and get a small one for personal use. Water pipes tend to offer smoother, bigger inhalations than regular pipes.
• ASHTRAY. Smoking creates ash, and you need a place to put it. Obviously, anything can work for this, from a pretty seashell (properly dried!) to an old plate.
• FRESHENING-UP KIT. Smoking smells; there's no way around it. If you medicate by smoking flower, you need a freshening-up kit to stay clean and smell-free. Eye drops for red eyes, hand wipes to clean the smell from your fingers, gum or mints to freshen your breath, lip balm, and a touch of perfume will keep you from smelling like a hippie. Stash a bottle of water in your go-bag, too. Dry mouth is a prevalent side effect of smoking cannabis.
• AIRFLOW. If you smoke marijuana in your home, the smell will linger, but not like cigarette smoke. Marijuana smoke will fill the room with its distinctive smell, but an open window and a fan clears up the problem in no time. Prop the fan in the window outward, so the fan sucks the smoke from the

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