Christmas Gift Ideas For Stoners

Now that all of the turkey has been consumed, I’m sure many peoples are looking ahead to Christmas. Everyone knows (or is) a stoner that is reading this post and chances are you are looking for good holiday gift ideas for stoner. Here is a list of things that I will be giving out this holiday season…If you are on my holiday list and you want to be surprised, you should probably stop reading:

Treats made with cannabis butter are always a solid idea. Who doesn’t like a dank brownie or cookie on Christmas? I know a lot of people that just prefer the butter so they can get inventive themselves. Also, if they get a chunk of butter and want to make the treats themselves later, they will get the ‘fresh out of the oven experience.’ Either way, it’s a great idea for the holidays.

Blunt wraps and rolling papers are a great idea for the old school smoker. I know that I personally love getting zig zags and royals in my stocking…

Christmas Gift Ideas For Stoners

Quality pipes are obvious ideas. We all have that friend that is smoking off the same metal piece of crap that they’ve had for years on end. Perhaps it’s it's time to give him a unique handmade pipe. A kitty paw pipe or a frog pipe is the best gift idea for a stoner! Believe me, I've seen the happy faces of people who receive these pipes as a gift.

If your friend or family member is a grower, than grow supplies are always a GREAT idea. I know I personally would like a high end PH/Nutrient/Temp hydroponic tester, or a new CO2 regulator, or better yet, just go with the gift certificate to the local grow store. It will get used guaranteed!

Joint roller and grinders are a good idea for that friend that either loves doobies, or is really bad at rolling them. You know this type of friend; the one that doesn’t break up the herb enough and on top of it rolls super pregnant joints. You can help them out on the down low by giving them the grinder and roller tandem pack.

Stuff to clean bongs, pipes, and bubblers are always useful. You can get cleaner from any local head shop, but the link I included in this paragraph shows a really easy method that only takes salt and rubbing alcohol. You can probably stock your buddy up for a whole year at rock bottom prices!

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