What can you make your own pipe from: Fruits or vegetables

To make a homemade pipe, you can use different fruits and vegetables. Many subsidiary fruits and vegetables with promote as fine candidates for such a project. We've already covered how to make a banana pipe, but if you have no bananas in your kitchen, want some of these supplementary fruits and vegetables.


What can you make your own pipe from: Fruits or vegetables

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Apples are common in re any kitchen. Although they are much more good than a banana, its yet on summit of attainable to use same tools to carve out the bowl. Making the tunnel isnt as easily reached, as a result youll compulsion a firmer tool such as a screwdriver.

Melons are a astonishing fruit to make a pipe out of. These large fruits have a soft interior, making it easy to benefit to to carve the tunnel. The high terpene content within melons will ensue some fruity flavour to your smoke.

Potatoes are hard, but durable. You will compulsion to use more hardcore tools such as screwdrivers, but they are enormously unlikely to fracture during the process. The durability of this vegetable after that means the tunnel is each and every one unlikely to collapse.

This softer piece of veg is enormously gone a banana behind it comes to crafting a pipe. Use the exact same steps as the banana bong to slant this veg into an committed pipe.


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