How to Roll the Perfect Joint with Filter Tip Step By Step Guide

If you are tired of using ceramic pipes for smoking, we will tell you how to twist a fat joint. Here's a step-by-step guide from Cosmos Art Ceramics on how to roll a cone joint with filter tip.


  Tear out the tippy along it’s         perforations!







  Fold the “fins” of the filter like this to   create the blocker. 








  Roll it up, with the “fins” inside.







  STEP 4
  If you are rolling a cone you don’t   add anything yet (go to step 5),   otherwise lay out the paper and add   the herbal mixture, putting the glue   face up (for rolling forward) or glue   face down (for rolling backward, see   above).









  Place the tippy at the end of the joint   and tuck it in as you roll it between   thumb and finger, making sure the   tippy is tightly rolled into the paper so   as not to slide out later. You can use   the “pinch” method to hold the tip in   place by squeezing firmly on it as you   twist. Use a finger to “guide” the paper into position, keeping the glue strip flat against the paper, especially if you are rolling backwards.




  STEP 6
  If you chose to pre-roll a “cone”,   then  you wait until the paper is dry   and pour the herbal mix in. Pack it   down softly with a few taps on a hard   surface and twist the top to keep it all   nice and firmly rolled; it should stand   straight up easily when held by the   tip. Using a filter tip makes rolling a   conical shape easier!









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