Pipe, bong, or bubbler?

As hashish receives mainstream popularity, we’re the usage of all varieties of new gadgets, however there’s not anything like that OG traditional, glass.

Glass portions—like bongs, pipes, and bubblers—dominated cannabis intake long before we had vaporizers, crafted by professional artisans hoping to present you both a high-quality excessive and a piece of artwork.


Chiefly, glassware is extremely practical. It calls for 0 electricity and helps you study your herb, in a slower, more intimate manner – bowl with the aid of bowl. For those who weren’t cannabis connoisseurs until the current wave of legalization and high-tech consumption, it’s feasible you’ve in no way handed a pipe or hit a bong earlier than (or if you have, it’s been an awesome long at the same time as).


Ceramic pipes
The most person-friendly hashish accessory has to be the pipe—they’re transportable and extraordinarily consumer-pleasant. There’s a whole lot of range right here depending on what you’re searching out, however for the uninitiated, the primary commands are the same:

Load your herb into the bowl give up of your pipe
positioned your thumb over the carb—a small hollow, normally on the side—if there may be one
mild your herb, inhale, and raise your thumb to release the smoke
the biggest downside is that you’re breathing in smoke immediately from the source, so it’s easy for even the most experienced smokers to hit a little too hard and cough a few instances. Right here are a few other selections you may make when it comes to pipes:


Spoon pipes
while you consider a cannabis pipe, this bowl-and-stem form might be what comes to thoughts. This form is a classic for a motive: it’s smooth to use and the stem commonly maintains your face fairly far faraway from your flame.

The minimalist design of spoon pipes is each elegant and person-friendly, and you could frequently locate them with large bowls and ash-catchers for smoother drags. Some are available in a hammer shape that’s each durable and rests effortlessly on a table among periods.


Additionally known as “one-hitters,” tasters are snatch whilst discretion is fundamental. They’re compact little tubes designed for tamping ground herb in a single stop and breathing in on the opposite. The secret is packing inside the cannabis to hold it securely in location and to keep a gentle contact with your lighter.

You may find smooth tasters made from long lasting borosilicate glass and constructed for portability, so that you can take a success everywhere.


In case you want massive, smoky hits, a steamroller pipe is designed to deliver. It’s one lengthy tube with a carb at the end for a amazing-efficient hit. The flower commonly loads in a bowl piece at the top and are easily filled with pre-floor bud and a thumb.


Bongs and Beakers
Frequently called “water pipes” (in particular in headshops in cannabis-prohibition states), you’ve clearly seen a bong if you’ve ever watched a stoner movie. It’s a taller piece of glass with water at the bottom, commonly with a bowl piece that can be eliminated and replaced to build vapor. If you’ve never hit a bong before, the stairs are similar to a pipe:

add water to the bottom of the tool and cargo the bowl with flower
begin inhaling thru the pinnacle as you light the bowl
lift the bowl to clean the chamber
whilst there are all forms of bongs to consider, a beaker, shaped like the piece of lab system, is a top notch area to start. The wide base holds masses of water and allows preserve it from tipping over, and you could regularly positioned ice inside the stem for a smoother hit. Some even come with dry storage in the beaker, so that you can percent a fresh bowl effectively.


Bubblers are a lovely link among dry and water pipes. They’re extra portable and simpler to bypass and shop than a bong, but still use water to melt the hit. A bubbler is typically going to hit like a dry pipe, with a carb to construct and release the smoke.

One fun component about bubblers: designers tend to have a number of a laugh with them, so if you’re looking for a conversation piece, bubblers are a outstanding area to appearance. The drawback right here is that relying on how complex they're, they may be a bit extra hard to easy.


Dab rigs
in case you want to get a number of excessive out of the least quantity of product (or you simply select vapor in fashionable), it might be time to present dabbing a strive. Unlike maximum of those glass alternatives, which paintings with flower, dabbing is designed for concentrates, like wax or shatter.

A dab rig has some primary elements: a warm instrument known as a nail for vaporizing concentrates and a water pipe.


There are alternatives to conform current glass rigs into dab rigs by means of getting the right add-ons, which include bangers and e-nails – the brand new in dab generation. With an e-nail, concentrate lovers can let the blowtorch rest and take a success in their preferred wax with the press of a button an