7 Unique Pipes Made From Natural Materials

From juicy apples to artistic shapes derived from the animal kingdom, the cannabis pipe has a long and colorful history—and today, one-of-a-kind cannabis pipes are a sought-after commodity. Luckily, thanks to a boom in the market, these specialty pieces are breaking new ground and finding their way into the hands of new and eager customers.

If you’re looking for a natural wooden pipe with a touch of artistic flair, check out wooden smoking pipe. This little number is not only convenient and travel-friendly, it’s also beautifully crafted. Try not to get too mesmerized by the artistic design while you light up with this gorgeous piece.


Pink Porcelain
In search for something simple yet stunning? Enter art  pretty-in-pink pipe. This porcelain creation boasts vivid colors reminiscent of a summer sunset, so feel free to float off to warm, dreamy landscapes in your mind’s eye as you pack another bowl.


Colorful Ceramics
With a variety to choose from, these unique ceramic pipes by Cosmos Art Ceramics are the perfect companions to smoke sessions among friends. Each person can choose a favorite color as they pass around these pretty pipes.


Labradorite Crystal
Crystal pipes are making waves in the pipe scene, and with each one made by hand, consumers know they’re getting a piece unlike any other. CrystalArt is one company dedicated to specialty crystal pipes, and their Handcrafted Natural Labradorite Crystal Pipe is an excellent example of beauty, creativity, and functionality all in one original piece.


If you’re a beach baby missing the sounds of the sea, take a step onto the sand with the Seashell. This whimsical piece will make you think of seaside vacations and take you back to the beach as you toke, and not only will you receive the pipe, you’ll also get a little vial of authentic San Diego beach sand to complete the purchase.